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Here are step-by-step guides to a few different clients:

A few other clients without guides:

  • Snort (Web) Super clean and fast web client.
  • Coracle (Web) A client focused on relay navigation.
  • Nostrgram (Web) Fun instagram inspired client focused on images, video, and audio.

Bring on the memes!

As a Freedom Maximalist, I believe that every individual has the right to live a life in alignment with their values and passions. I explore the intersection of personal freedom through Health, Wealth, Creation, Sovereignty, Community, Enlightenment, and Bitcoin exploring topics from art, music, health, mindfulness, off-grid living, and more, while sustaining this vision as a content creator. Through my journey, I hope to inspire others to pursue a more liberated future and to take action towards achieving a vision for a society built upon the pillar that is Freedom. Join me in exploration of the possibilities we have before us as the pioneers of the Information Age! Through these blogs, music, videos and multi-media creations, you can expect to find thought-provoking content, insightful reflections, and practical tips for living life in alignment with our personal integrity and potential; individually and as a whole. Our journey to empowerment is always Now. Celebrating freedom as the foundation, the keystone species to flourishing, we’ll discover together and share in real time, the knowledge and insights to enrich our lives and drive us towards a brighter future.

Welcome to Freedom Maxima,

where liberation is not just a concept

– it’s a way of life.

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Freedom Maxima


Freedom Infused

Products to celebrate the essence of Freedom in our ever-evolving world, empowering individuals to advance personal liberties through a statement to greater society, proclaiming to protect the values of Freedom.


Products advocating the power of Bitcoin to enable Freedom and unite a stronger, faster, and ever more powerful decentralized community that upholds as a matter of self-interest, Freedom as a virtue to enable, defend, and evolve.

Digital Products

Binaural Beats Meditation

Guided Meditation Female Vocals Orca Calls

Freedom Maxima Digital Planner

  • Please note that all digital product sales are final due to the nature of downloads as non-returnable. Thank-You for understanding and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with your purchase.

Inspired by Freedom

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Your support is valuable in the mission and production of Freedom Maxima blogs, podcast, music, and videos. If you’re interested in contributing to Freedom Maxima content production and the overarching goal of championing Freedom, you can find my Bitcoin lightning and Cash App IDs below. Your donations play a crucial role and are instrumental in advancing the cause of driving meaningful change in the awareness of the virtues of Freedom.

You can send Bitcoin through the lightning network to [email protected]

or donate with the Cash App using$FreedomMaxima

Welcome to the community, and a heartfelt Thank-You for your support.”. ~*~🙏✨